Information for online buyers

Information for online buyers

In order to help you choose a bouquet or composition, which will surprise a recipient, to prevent flowers from withering, to make sure you order flowers appropriate for a certain occasion and that this service would provide maximum efficiency, we will offer several useful tips and suggestions for ordering flowers online.

Flower seasons

 It is very important to keep in mind the flowering seasons. Commonly flowers are brought to Europe from the main Dutch auctions, where they are delivered to mainly from Africa and South America, where climate conditions are suitable for cultivation of all sorts of flowers all year long. It takes between several days to a week to deliver flowers to any country, therefore it is fitting to say that they are no longer fresh. However, modern flower breeders cultivate flower species, which can stay fresh up to a month after being cut.

This means that if you order flowers during their flowering season, you can be sure that they will stay in bloom longer because they come from Riga. For example, spring is a good time and even appropriate occasion to order tulips, freesias, anemones, hyacinths and daffodils. You should, however, keep in mind that most spring flowers have a shorter blooming period, especially in a warm room. Also, most spring flowers are fragrant flowers, and could cause various allergic reactions.

Summer and autumn flowers such as roses, sunflowers, clematis, dahlias, gerberas, lilies, and carnations, are characterised by a long blooming time. Different varieties of chrysanthemums stay in bloom particularly long.

A lot of exotic flowers, which normally do not grow in Lithuania, are brought from somewhere else. These are heliconias, strelitzias, eucospermums, magnolias and many varieties of orchids. They are long-lasting flowers.

No flowers bloom in our country in winter, with the exception of those cultivated in greenhouses. There are no winter season flowers, but the most popular and frequently purchased in winter are tulips, amarillis, roses, ilex branches and various bulbous flowers.

Flower delivery during cold seasons

Buyers frequently order flowers to be delivered to a recipient's work place or somewhere else, but never to their home. It is wonderful, when your loved ones publicly surprise you, but people are often confronted with the problem of bringing flower home, when the outside temperature is below zero, and the recipient uses public transport. Flowers could freeze within just a few minutes! Flower delivery messengers carry flowers outside packed in a special wrapping paper, which protects flowers from a sudden change of temperature. Inside a building the paper is removed. Thus, during winter time, in order not to burden the flower recipient and not become disappointed yourself, it is best to deliver flower to people's homes.

Flower delivery to hospital or work

When a hospital is located far from where you live and you are unable to visit your loved ones as often as you would like to, it is thoughtful to at least wish them well or make them smile by sending flowers.

No matter how beautiful the bouquet is, everything could be ruined by an unfitting container or vase, which, in addition, is difficult to find at a health care institution. In order not to burden the staff and the recipient, and to make sure that flowers do not irritate but bring positive emotions, it is best that a florist arranges your flower composition in a container or basket filled with special floral foam used for flower arrangement.

You should warn a florist not to add flowers with a strong scent, such as lilies, freesias, daffodils and other fragrant flowers, because there could be other people in a hospital room who may not be able to tolerate them or even have strong allergic reactions.

The same goes for ordering a flower delivery to an office. There is a big chance that on a special occasion there could be more than one bouquet delivered, and it is more than obvious that chaotically arranged bouquets stuffed into vases by a couple is not attractive all.

When you have difficulty choosing flowers. 

If this is not the first time you buy flowers for the person you love, you must have gained some idea of what flowers they like the most from a hint or a direct statement of the latter. People who have never had to deal with floral art, may have difficulty forming a concept of a bouquet or flower composition. We often hear: “a bouquet of wild flowers”, “a bouquet of flowers without roses” or simply “a bunch of roses”.

A floral artist can perceive a bouquet of wild flowers literally, as one composed of flowers and plants that grow in the Lithuanian meadows, but once a buyer sees the bouquet, it might be not what he had in mind. When people say “a bouquet of wild flowers”, they mean that they want an organic and lively bouquet without traditional roses, which are sold in any flower shop, a dynamic composition of small flowers (could be miniature roses) arranged in a free style using a special floristic technique.

There is also another bouquet description florists find frustrating: “roses, orchids and extras”. Wishing to please a client, florists do their best to add interesting and rare plants, which might not even be available in other flower shops, but the price of which could be several times higher than roses and orchids. Often there is no feedback, unless the recipient of flowers says something.

Before you go to a flower shop, or decide to order flowers online or by telephone, you need to know what flowers the recipient likes. You can use the following descriptions of the bouquet ideas: “a pastel or bright bouquet of flowers”, “for an official ceremony or a private occasion", “wild flowers or roses”, “fragrant flowers or not”, “autumn or spring flowers”, “a flower composition (which in floral art means that flowers will be arranged in a container or basket) or a bouquet", “a classic or warm and organic bouquet”, “a bouquet for men (which is more rigid in colour and structure) or for women”.

It is not true that florists will insist that flowers are composed in a certain manner, because they have different attitude and rules. At a market you will find traditional bouquets, which you have seen a million times, but in a flower boutique you will be able to find something exceptional, may be even unusual, but unique.

Flower delivery on the Valentine's Day

Red roses - Valentine’s Day flowers and a symbol of love and passion. You must have heard this before, but in different cultures and countries flowers have a different meaning and symbolism. The Valentine's Day is a very commercial day, when flower businesses sell enormous amounts of flowers, mainly red roses. Due to the extreme activity of demand and supply, the price of red roses is skyrocketing, while the buyers of flowers are brainwashed by the ads, television and other media.

On the Valentine's Day you should give the flowers your loved ones like, instead of what the sellers want you to buy!

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